Diagnosing Lighting Issues in Your Home

Having a bad light socket at your house can be annoying when you need to use that light, but it is out. Maybe it does not work at all, or maybe it always blows the bulbs. There are several reasons you could be having issues, but they are usually easy to fix for a home handyman. If your issue ends up being too much, however, you may be better off hiring a company that installs lighting and lamps in Chicago to send a technician out to investigate.

No Lights

If your lights are just not working, then it could easily be the stitch. A bad switch will feel weak and rubbery compared to a good one which should snap strongly into position when flipped. Diagnosing a bad switch is incredibly easy. If there are two switches for the same light, simply try the second switch. If it works, then the switch is bad. If not, however, it does not mean that it is not the switch.

Using a Multimeter to Test the Switch

Some lights are wired only to come on when one switch is on, and the other can turn it off, but not on by itself. If this is the case and your main switch is not working, then it will appear that the switch is not the issue. To test further, you will need a multimeter. Just remove the cover from the switch, find your hot and ground wire and test the connection with your multimeter. It should read around 110v-125v. If you are reading 0v check your connection to the wires, it could be bad. If you know you have a good connection and are still reading 0v then it is likely a wiring issue.

If you test the wiring with a multimeter and are still getting a 0V reading check your breakers or fuses. If it is anything beyond this, then it is likely a wiring issue, and you should consider hiring a professional. If you choose to attempt to repair it yourself be sure you shut off power to the circuit first.

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