Brief Guide To Different Electronic Musical Instruments

Electronic Musical Instruments

Electronic Musical Instruments

Gone are the days when musicians used to rely solely on traditional musical instruments for composing music. These musical instruments have been replaced by electronic musical instruments to a certain extent. Following are some of the different types of electronic musical instruments available these days.


This is a modern musical instrument which is basically round in shape and appears like a translucent table. It is generally placed in a dark room. Different blocks are placed on the translucent table. The blocks are then interfaced with the visual display. You can then create music with your fingertips.

Percussa Audio Cubes

This particular electronic musical instrument consists of autonomous wireless cubes which can be operated via an in-built computer system. They are highly sophisticated devices which can also track the location and distance of the equipment from the hands or fingers. You can produce different types of sound via the sound cubes. This particular application is employed in music production and sound design.


This is basically a large musical instrument that is similar in appearance to a bassoon. Music can be created with the use of touch-sensitive buttons. However, the process of sound processing takes place on an altogether different computer system.

Drum Machine

This particular electronic musical instrument is also known as a drum pad. As the name suggests, this particular instrument produces the sound of drums. It can also imitate the sound of different percussion instruments. This machine can be used for a wide variety of musical genres. They can also be used as a substitute for session drummers. Usually, the electronic drum machines are sequencers that employ a sample playback.

In addition to these electronic instruments, some of the other electronic instruments include piano keyboards, rhythm machines and synthesizers. Such modern electronic musical instruments have certainly proved to be a boon to the musicians.