Furnace Repair in Peachtree City – Diagnosing a Problem

The key to maintaining a furnace is to be aware of problems but unless you know what to look for, you may not be able to diagnose a fault until it is too late to get furnace repair in Peachtree City. Furnaces may not be as efficient as they get older and this will cause your energy bills to soar if you use the device on a regular basis. However, when you get furnace repair in Peachtree City in the early stages, you could increase the life of your device by a number of years. Here are some tips to help you target faulty parts and get the appropriate repairs completed.

Fuel Supply

If your furnace runs on natural gas, you should turn the gas off before checking the fuel supply. Locate the gas valve and make sure this is ‘open’. Some furnaces that are less energy efficient will use large amounts of fuel and if your furnace relies on liquid propane to function, it is vital that you check how much fuel is left. If the tank is empty you will need to top it up as soon as possible. Leaving a furnace to run on an empty tank will put pressure on the other components. To check the fuel supply on oil furnaces, use the gauge on the side or the top of the tank. If the furnace does not work after topping up the fuel, contact a contractor for Furnace Repair In Peachtree City.

Furnace Filter

Filters need to be changed on furnaces, just like they do on regular air conditioning systems. The furnace filter can sometimes become so dirty that it affects the rest of the furnace. By regularly replacing the filter, you may not need furnace repair in Peachtree City as often. The recommended time to change the filter will be every 3-4 weeks and if your furnace is complete with a fiberglass filter, this should be replaced on a monthly basis.

Thermostat and Electric

Many people will get furnace repair in Peachtree City without realizing that the problem can be rectified in the easiest way. A common problem that is easy to fix will be faulty thermostat settings. If you want to heat the home, make sure the setting is as high as possible and monitor the furnace. Remember that in order to increase the temperature of a room, the room temperature must be less than the thermostat setting. Electrical problems are also common and by making sure the power switch is set to the ‘on’ position, you can confirm whether the underlying problem requires repairs from a professional.

Before you get furnace repair in Peachtree City, locate the red button on your appliance and reset it. If resetting the furnace does not work, visit to get low-cost repairs from a reliable company.