Top 3 Latest Electronic Gadgets Launched In 2010

Electronic Gadgets

Electronic Gadgets

Due to the advancement in the technology over the past few years, new electronic gadgets are invented everyday. Some of the latest electronic gadgets such as digital cameras, cell phones, netbooks, etc are commonly used by most of the people all around the world. In 2010, the manufacturers are releasing some of latest electronic gadgets which will change the look of technology.

Here are three latest electronic gadgets of this year:

Google Phone Nexus One

If you love to have a smartphone in your life then buy Google Phone Nexus One as it is one of the latest electronic gadgets launched this year. This phone makes the use of android open source mobile operating system. Google Phone Nexus One has the facility of noise cancelling dual microphone, transcribe voice into text, etc. After buying this phone, you can enjoy the high-end graphics on your phone. Google Phone Nexus One was released in January, 2010.

Apple tablet

This device is known as tablet computer which can be operated with the help of fingertips. Apple tablet is designed in such way that it can be used for gaming, media consumption, internet browsing, etc. These devices are categorised in between the laptops and smartphones. Apple Tablet was launched in January, 2010. With the introduction this table, the technology has reached to its next level.

Xbox Project Natal

After the success of Xbox 360, the company is all set to release new game console, Xbox Project Natal which will allow you to play better games. The advanced features offered by this new game console are much better than all other versions of Xbox. In order to play the games on this console, you need to move your body. This means that the latest electronic gadgets will give you real life experience. This model will be launched in the November, 2010.

Thus, get the latest electronic gadgets and enjoy the benefits offered by the latest technology.