What Not to Wash With a Pressure Washer in Chicago

If you’re looking for a pressure washer for sale in Chicago, you already know how amazing a pressure washer can make a surface look. Pressure washer for sale in Chicago can turn dirty, dingy ugly items into gorgeous, clean products that look brand new. Once you start seeing all of the things that you can wash, you want to get everything clean. As amazing as pressure washers are, there are certain things that you should not wash with them. Some of those include the following.

Painted Items

If you have an item that’s beautifully painted like a special chair or an outdoor table, do not pressure wash it by yourself. There are painted items that can be cleaned with a pressure washer, but they need to be handled by a professional. If they’re handled by a novice, you’ll end destroying your painted good.


You may have visions of your gorgeous old furniture or other antiques looking fabulously new after a thorough power washing. The problem here is that older items tend to be very fragile. This means that they can easily disintegrate under the full force of a pressure wash.

Stained Wood

Don’t use pressure washers on stained wood. Instead of getting the wood clean, it will actually strip the stain right off of the wood. This is a good option for people who are trying to strip the wood, but if you only mean to clean it, use a different technique. Contact High PSI Ltd. so that we can help you find a pressure washer for sale in Chicago.