When Do you Call an Electrician Service?

Hiring an electrician service can be expensive. For various reasons, it is always recommended that home owners should always hire professional, insured and licensed contractors. Such an electrician service offers high quality work that is in compliance with safety rules and building codes.

The home owner can observe certain safety precautions, to avoid electrical faults and fires:

1. Conduct routine checks of all electrical appliances and electrical wiring.
2. Replace old, damaged cords and frayed wires immediately.
3. Electrical tools that overheat, causes mild electrical shocks, emit smoke or shorts out should be replaced immediately or discarded.
4. Purchase only those electrical devices that have been tested at a laboratory that has been nationally recognized.
5. Keep electrical devices and appliances away from wet surfaces like floors and counters. Devices like hair dryers that are left in the bathroom or kitchen devices are particularly dangerous and the frequent cause for residential fires.
6. Inflammable items like clothes, curtains and other combustibles made of fabric like soft toys should be kept at a distance of at least 3 feet from heaters.
7. When an appliance has a three prong plug, it should not be forced into a two prong plug. It should only be used in a three slot outlet.
8. If you have children in the house, child proof the outlets to avoid accidents and shocks.
9. Do not overload an extension cord. Many house fires are started by an overloaded wall socket or extension cord.
10. Light switches and other fixtures that are faulty or heat up are dangerous and should be shut off and replaced by a professional electrician surface.
11. Investing in a smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm can alert you if there is a fire or accidental emission of carbon monoxide from a faulty air conditioner or heating device.

There are certain precautions in the event of an electrical fire that must be observed:

1. Water should never be used during an electric fire as water can exacerbate it.
2. The main power source to the house should be turned off.
3. Use a chemical fire extinguisher to put out the fire safely.
4. If the fire cannot be extinguished, all the inhabitants should leave the house.
5. Call 911 and inform it is an electrical fire.
Storms and other natural events can be responsible for electrical outages. In the event you have an outage or other event, call in a professional electrician service. Indianapolis residents can rely on expert technicians in the area for all their needs.

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