Why a Hurom Juicer May Just Be For You

All juicers are not created equal, and that is apparent if you have ever looked at a Hurom juicer. There are many different juicers that are on the market and hitting up the infomercial circuit, but none are quite like this one. Unlike traditional centrifugal juicers that spin at high speed, you can get your juice quickly still, but with a much better quality which has not cooked any of the nutrients from your fruit or vegetable. Go with the juicer that is going to give you the best taste and quality by choosing one that has a low auger speed.

Slow is Sometimes Better

It is true that often times, speed is the best way to get things done. When it comes to juicing your fruits and vegetables, you still want the juice quickly. That does not mean that you want the juice being squeezed out by high speed devices. The faster that your machine rotates, the more heat that it generates. Heat will damage the fruit and the juice, cooking away some of the vital nutrients. That means that you are getting less vitamin benefits from your juice than you should be getting.

Heat will also damage the final product of juice, meaning that it will not store for as long as normal. The Hurom juicer is known for the quality juicing that it does, including the length of storage of the juice afterwards. If you have something come up and you cannot finish your juice when you make it, then feel free to store it in your refrigerator for later use.

A Juicer that Will Last the Test of Time

If you want to know that you will have your juicer around even after your family has grown up, then you will want a Hurom juicer. Made of quality parts and sporting a quality warranty, you know that there is no worry of having to replace it in under 10 years time. Hurom knows the quality of the work and the parts, and they are not worried about you wearing out the juicer prior to that. Take advantage of the plan and make sure that you will get something that lasts.

Make sure to get your juicer from a quality store that has great customer service. The customer service will make the difference between getting the juicer or getting fed up. Remember that there is a lot that goes on after the sale and if you ever have any questions about your product, you will want a store that is there for you.

At Harvest Essentials, we aim to give you the best price for the most popular items available today. Call us or order online, remember that all orders over $89 qualify for free shipping. Call to get information on the Hurom juicer today.