Why Modular Power Supplies Can Improve Your Home Studio

Modular power supplies are, as the name says, made up of a number of separate modules, any of which can be selected in order to provide the power requirements for different applications.

Modular power supplies reduce workspace clutter and improve computer airflow by giving the user the ability to remove connections which aren’t being used. Most high-quality modular power supplies also offer low-noise operation, which can certainly help if your PC is too noisy to be included in an ideal recording environment. If you’re setting up a new bedroom studio or just looking to upgrade some of your current equipment, modular power supplies offer a great investment for the home studio enthusiast.

The three advantages offered by modular power supplies, decreased clutter, improved equipment airflow and reduced noise, are beneficial to most bedroom producers. When you have a lot of loose gear and not enough space for it, your workspace can get messy very quickly. While keyboards, guitars, rack modules, and amps can take up a lot of real estate, it’s the smaller equipment that can cause the real headaches for producers looking to get work done. Everything from the ever-present studio spaghetti of cables to mics, loose CDs, stompboxes, and reference guides can begin to accumulate quickly in all the wrong places. Modular power supplies can help alleviate this mess somewhat by cutting down on the cables connected to your studio rig.

Your desktop, the most important equipment in your studio, will work best when you can solve any problem that crops up quickly and efficiently. Modular power supplies let you quickly sort out any cable issues from your desktop. You’ll also maximize your computer’s performance and be able to minimize latency when your desktop’s airflow is improved. A home studio computer that’s running too hot can be a recipe for disaster, but modular power supplies will ensure that your rig gets the proper airflow it needs.

Most importantly, any high-quality modular power supplies will reduce your system’s noise level. This is, of course, absolutely crucial when you’re recording anywhere near your computer. While hopefully you’re not forced to record too close to your desktop, you can make do with limited space when your computer runs quietly and doesn’t intrude on your tracks. In short, modular power supplies can help you maximize your limited resources, and what bedroom producer doesn’t want that?

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