Why Shop Online for Inkjet Printer Cartridges?

There are some instances in which you might prefer to shop in one of the large chain stores for your inkjet printer cartridges. Maybe the store is on your way home, or you’re already there buying other things. Maybe you really need to replace the ink in your printer tonight for a deadline in the morning. But most often, shopping online is going to be the more convenient option for your ink and toner needs.


Unless you happen to already be at the store, it’s probably going to be a hassle for you to get to a place where they sell inkjet printer cartridges. With online retailers, all you need to do is click a few buttons and the ink is on its way to you. You can even shop online while completing other tasks, like talking on the phone or texting, working in other browser windows or programs, or taking your lunch break.


The prices in online shopping generally can’t be beat. Big box stores have to cover their gigantic overhead costs as well as pay employees for the time they spend in the store. Websites have many fewer overhead costs to consider, so they can usually cut their prices to you and give you a better deal on the same product. In addition, you may be able to find discount coupon codes or free shipping deals when you spend a certain amount.

Customer Service

Many people think the customer service in a store is better than online because they’re talking to salespeople in person. However, salespeople might be too busy to help you right when you need it. By contrast, you can almost always get a customer service rep on the phone when you need to. In addition, many companies offer multiple contact options, such as live chat or online question submission forms.

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