Brief History On Digital Electronics

Digital Electronics

Digital Electronics

In the past, most of the tasks were performed manually and they were time consuming; but now almost everything has become automated. New inventions have been taking place in the world of digital electronics since the past three centuries.

With the help of digital electronics, we can easily send information and data anywhere in the world via electric signals. The information is transmitted in the form of electric current.

History of digital electronics

The inception of digital electronics started with the electronic circuit or gate which was invented in 1835 by Joseph Henry. In the next century, a vacuum tube was invented. After the invention of various devices, different gadgets were introduced later on. The most useful inventions were that of microprocessors and integrated circuits which helped in the development of the present digital electronics.

Different types of devices that come under digital electronics

All the devices which make the use of electricity are known as digital electronics. At present, the whole world is making the use of the latest digital electronics and this includes devices like cameras, televisions, phones, etc. Other than these things, there are also computer systems which play a very important role in the development of digital electronics. Scientists and engineers are coming up with several microprocessors and chips which have enhanced the processing capacity of computers.

Effects of digital electronics on present generation

The latest developments which are taking place in the sector of digital electronics have a great influence on kids and teenagers. And thus the present generation has earned the title of ‘digital generation’. It’s a common sight to notice children all around the world with digital phones, interactive TVs, palm pilots, laptops and many other such devices. This is exactly why young people are considered the main target group of companies which manufacture digital electronics.