E Cigarette Liquid Refill Buying Tips

If you are like most people, part of the fun of vaping is having all the different flavors and blends of e-liquids to choose from. This is very different from traditional tobacco products where you have just basic tobacco, menthol or perhaps an occasional flavored cigarillo for something different.

With vaping, there are thousands of different options to choose from when you plan an order online. Getting the right product, the best quality e cigarette liquid refill and also getting the best prices is certainly something to consider.

Look for Options

Some of the top online retailers for e-cigs and nicotine juice will offer their own brands of e cigarette liquid refill flavors. This is a very good way to try a lot of different flavors at a very reasonable price.

Companies producing nicotine juice may have a range of different flavors, or they may stick to one basic type of e-juice. For example, some companies develop only creamy flavors, while others may focus in on natural tobacco product flavors.

Keep Notes

With all the different products, brands and flavor combinations it can be difficult to keep track of what you have tried and what you like. Even with an e-liquid you don’t like, keeping notes will help you to avoid that particular flavor or combination in the next order.

Remember that even if the product is listed as the same flavor in the written description, each company has their own unique take on the combination. Reading comments by other vapers can be informative, and it can point you in the right direction if you are interested in trying something new, or trying a new twist on an old favorite.

Make your Own

Sometimes, no matter what you do and try, you just can’t seem to find the perfect e cigarette liquid refill flavors. However, if you have one that is close, you can always add your own flavorings to boost or enhance that missing component.

Additionally, you can create your own unique blends or combinations. This is a lot of fun and it is simple. You just order the base with the PG/VG combination you want and the nicotine level you desire. Then, order flavorings, not actual e-juice, and then start to blend your own.

If you are trying this option, start with small batches, add the flavoring by drops, and keep records of how much of each you added so it can reproduce the flavor the next time you whip up a batch.