Use the Sun to Light Up Your Area – Even at Night!

We all know the sun can be used for many things. It can help plants grow which will feed our families, melt bitter snow and ice during the winter, and give us a general idea of the time of day when we are without a clock. Of course the sun itself can also illuminate our work areas during the day, but by storing its energy we can also make use of it throughout the night as well. Solar powered lights are becoming extremely popular and well respected pieces of gear in a wide range of groups, from outdoors enthusiasts and bird watchers to hikers and emergency rescue crews. Provide your solar flashlight a sunny spot for a few hours during the day, and enjoy a fully recharged battery each night. Even cloudy days can sometimes provide enough light to charge your solar unit, which makes this a great option for rainy areas too!

Perfect for Hiking

Being outdoors during great weather and in beautiful states around the country is a favorite past time of many. Hiking for days in National Parks, or even just a quick walk around your neighborhood, can be a great way to escape our ties to technology and get back to nature. On warm and sunny days, you can easily hang a solar flashlight from your backpack and let it soak up the rays of the sun as you walk. At night, flip it on and notice how bright it can be! This is a great way to save on batteries and energy costs! Charge it during the day with free-energy and use it in the evening to check your map, make a campfire meal, or read a book.

Spelunkers Rejoice!

While hunters, fishermen and women, and hikers can usually take advantage of the illumination from the moon, spelunkers are not as lucky. For those who enjoy exploring caves for pleasure or scientific research, a reliable and affordable flashlight is a must! But some battery powered lights can give out on the first night, leaving you to purchase more and more batteries to keep them running. With a sun-powered light, you will never have to worry about replacing a battery. Simply give the unit time to charge during the day and enjoy the bright LEDs while you check out your cave. Opt for a hands-free version and you can conduct your research without having to figure out how to hold a flashlight while trying to study a rare, cave-dwelling species of amphibian or reptile.

Whether you are hiking or walking the dog a solar flashlight is a great way to get the lighting you need while saving on batteries. Check out the huge selection of lights at Panther Vision!