Take Your Dabbing Experience to the Next Level

The new way to ingest cannabis is by dabbing, a wax-like substance that is made from extracting THC from marijuana. The dabs or butane hash oil will often contain more THC than a cannabis flower by 70% to 90%. People have a more efficient way of getting high when they dab due to the high concentration of THC. In the past year, the Micro Nectar Collector is becoming one of the most popular ways to vaporize dabs with the distinctive vertical vaporizing process that will allow the user a perfect intake each time. When you hit you will not have to worry about wasting excess concentrates.

How to Use a Nectar Collector

When using the device you want to first fill the base with water slowly, filling it only halfway. For optimal percolation, you will then want to check the water level.  Once the water has been added you can then attach the mouthpiece to the base. When you add the titanium tip you might want to apply some wax to act as an adhesive to keep the tip in place. Then carefully heat up the tip with a butane torch until you see it glow slightly red. You do not want to overheat as this may cause the glass to crack. Once heated submerge the titanium tip into the dab and inhale the vapor. Since you are able to use the amount of dab you require for a hit you will not waste any of the cannabis extracts.

Get a Better Hit with Less the Risk

Eliminate the toxin and tar that traditional ways of smoking cannabis cause by inhaling only the active ingredients of marijuana. When you smoke a joint or take a hit through a bong you ingest 88% non-cannabinoid elements that cause risks to your health and does not get you high, unlike when you vaporize your dab you inhale around 95% of the cannabinoids.

Purchase Quality Products from a Reliable Retailer

Get the best hit possible from your dabs with a nectar collector. Find a kit that will provide you everything you need to start maximizing your vapor experience. Have the freedom of being able to switch from one hit to a battery to make the device an electronic cigarette. You can have the best of both worlds with this quality product to suit your vaping needs. This equipment will leave any experienced marijuana user happy with its sleek design and perfect hit.

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