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Quick Facts on Forklift Batteries in Western Canada

by | Jan 28, 2020 | Batteries

Electric forklifts are useful, low-emissions heavy-workload machinery for all kinds of industry in British Columbia or close to Vancouver, Vernon, Burnaby, Kamloops. They enable heavy-duty mobilization in construction, mining and mass transportation and are capable of more precise work in fish farms, telecommunications and environmental and scientific applications.

Batteries are typically used for two purposes: a power source and a counterweight, allowing heavier lift capacity.

Components in Industrial Forklift Batteries

The battery’s case contains its separate cells, which can number 6 to 36 at various voltages, typically 12v, 24v, 36v and 48v.

Each cell amounts to a small battery consisting of sulphuric acid and lead plates in stacks.

Linking Bars
The battery completes its circuit via lead bars between the cells.

Battery cables come in different diameters from 4-gauge, essentially a wire, to 4/0, inch-thick cables, which are necessary for batteries generating high amperages. Batteries at a 1,200-amp rating provide about 4-times the power needed for arc welding, making heavy cables a critical necessity.

Purchasing or Buying

The cost to buy a new electric forklift battery in Vancouver typically runs between $2,600 to $7,800 Canadian. Used batteries are closer to $2,000 or $4,600. Key points to look out for include:

• Number of cells and forklift voltage

• EX or EE battery type

• Battery compartment size

• Connector type

• On-truck cable orientation

Contact a Supplier for an Electric Forklift Battery in Vancouver or Nearby

When looking for a “reliable battery or replacement near me or around me”, Canadian Battery Association-registered suppliers of leading battery products are available in the BC interior or lower mainland. Call Polar Battery at 1-604-294-1891 or visit in-store or online at today to make the best selection.

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